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Brown Baddies

A unique collection pioneering South Asian Representation in NFTs

Our Artist, Ananya's Story
As a young child, I absolutely loved dressing up in my mum’s sarees, blasting loud Hindi music and watching cult Bollywood films with my true love at the time, Shah Rukh Khan.

However, growing up, I was embarrassed about being openly proud of my culture, and became extremely dissociated from my heritage and background as a Punjabi woman. I remember never allowing my mum to give me ethnic foods for school lunches, when deep down I preferred the curry 100x more than any peanut butter sandwich.

Brown Baddies are the characters I wish I could have seen on Sunday morning television when I was ten years old. They are the representation I didn't see when I first joined the web3 space.

I want women of colour, and South Asian women in particular, to feel like they can be active decision makers in web3, and this collection is one small step to help drive that.
While this Roadmap is a guideline for our plans regarding our first phase, our ultimate goal is to help women/non-binary people of colour take up space in web3 and will be iterated on as we grow. Some of our long term highlights to accomplish over the next years include:

1. Acquiring a metaverse plot for South Asians in web3
2. Supporting not-for-profits that combat gender-based violence in South Asia
3. Committing to creating a collection for Brown boys #Brownmunde
4. Establishing clubs and a global directory of businesses owned by South Asian women

First Gen OG Baddies List
Our First Gen Baddies List is our version of a presale list.
There are multiple ways to gain access to this, including:

1. Filling out a form to if you identify yourself as a woman or non-binary person of colour

2. Giving back to our Discord Community through our through Baddies Community Genie channel. We hate the Discord grind too!

3. Joining one of our giveaway competitions
10% Sold
Early Supporters Airdrop
Your support means the absolute world to us! We will be airdropping 1/1 Baddies to 3 early adopters.
25% Sold!
Impactful Donation
2.5% of sales will be donated to a not for profit combatting gender-based violence in South Asia (e.g. Sakhi) This will be voted on by the community
50% Sold!
While we love NFTs, we think beautiful artwork should be enjoyed in person too!That’s why we will pick 10 random Brown Baddies NFT owners to receive a custom print or puzzle of their unique Baddie. This will bring Ananya's digital work, to the real world!
60% Sold!
Community voted donation
2.5% of sales will be donated to a not for profit voted by the community. A shortlist of not for profits empowering women in field of education, STEM and creative arts will created by our 'Power Baddies' with specific traits, and every owner will cast a vote on where they feel these funds should go.
75% Sold!
5 women of colour nominated by the community will undergo a comprehensive intro to web3 course with our partners DAO Under and the chance to win a free Brown Baddie
80% Sold
South Asian Ethnic Wear Gifted!
In partnership with Aheli Collections, we will be giving away an ethnic piece of clothing to a Brown Baddie owner. Think beautiful sarees, lehengas, jewellery. Special thank you to Aheli
100% Sold
Minted out!
40% of Mint to be used in a BIWOC Fund to support women/non-binary people of colour creators
This will be curated by our Power Baddies and our community through a voting system on Snapshot.
Brown Munde NFTs: We commit to creating a collection for the brown boys out there!

Metaverse Plot:
We want to create and take up space in the Metaverse! We have set a small reserve of funds to buy a plot of land in the Metaverse to represent the South Asian community

Club Launches:
We want to empower South Asian women globally. We will
launch global communities to connect South Asian Women in their fields of work. e.g. South Asian Women in STEM, South Asian Women in Consulting, South Asian Women in Tech

South Asian Business Directory:
Begin work on collating a database and public record of South Asian Businesses owned by women!
Our Team
Ananya SINHA
About Sarah
Abhishek Maran
Pablo Stanley
About Pablo
Ananya SINHA
CO-Founder & main artist
Ananya is of Punjabi background, living in Australia. She is Vice-Chair at Women of Colour Australia and works as a Venture Capitalist that specifically looks to invest in and support female founders. She is our main artist and leader.
About Sarah
Abhishek Maran
Co-Founder & Head of BD
Abhishek is of Tamil background, living in Australia. He is a Venture Capitalist at an early stage fund and Founder of DAO Under, a community for web3 enthusiasts in the APAC region, and is our business and tech development lead.
Kiran Kajal
Kiran is of Pakistani background, currently living in San Diego. She spent 10 years in the U.S. Navy, and is now moving into web3, digital fashion, and NFTs with style and badassery. Kiran is working on forging awesome partnerships for Brown Baddies!
About Pablo
Anam is of Pakistani background, living in Toronto. She is a Corporate Banker and part-time Crypto trader who passionately advocates female empowerment and financial independence for all women. Anam is working on building community!
About Sarah
Megha Tripathi
Megha is of Indian background, living in Australia. She quit her corporate job in 2021 to take a career break. Whilst doing so, she found web3 and quickly jumped down the NFT rabbit hole. She is moderating our Discord and helping with content!
Ambika Sinha
Ambika is of Punjabi background, living in Australia. She is currently a Commerce and Law student, and has worked in the marketing department at multiple multinational corporations. Ambika is a budding content creator and helps with our social media.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Brown Baddies NFT?

Brown Baddies NFT is a collection of randomly generated and unique NFT art pieces created by our South Asian artist, Ananya Sinha.

What is our mission?

We're providing a safe space for South Asian woman around the world to tell their stories. South Asian women are underrepresented in NFTs and web3 and we hope to change that. Our collection consists of unique Baddies depicting South Asian women in diverse and intersectional forms. We hope to empower and elevate South Asian women in their endeavours through our BIWOC fund!

When will Brown Baddies Launch and at what price?

At the moment, we're focusing on cultivating a strong community of South Asian women and allies. We plan to mint in late April/early May. Mint price will be released closer to this date.

What are the SDG 17 goals and our commitment to them?

The Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all". The SDGs were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by 2030  You can learn more about these goals on  

We commit to the following:
SDG Goal 5 - Contributing to gender equality in the NFT world through increased representation of women.
SDG Goal 10 - Reduce inequality within and among countries by increasing representation of underrepresented groups like South Asians within web3.

How do I get on the First Gen OG Baddies List?

Our First Gen Baddies List is our version of a presale list. There are multiple ways to gain access to this, including:
1. Filling out a form to so we can verify you are a woman of colour (TBA)
2. Giving back to our Discord Community through our through Baddies Community Genie channel. We hate the Discord grind too!
3. Joining one of our giveaway competitions. We are also creating a limited number of commissioned works prior to launch.

How to buy a Brown Baddie?

We will be hosting the mint on our website, and after that our collection will be on Opensea and LooksRare. For customs, please DM us on Twitter or Instagram.